Saturday, June 20, 2009

Nick Joaquin and Carlos Bulosan

Carlos Bulosan
"One of the million Filipinos who found themselves in the United States in the two decades before and after World War II, Carlos Bulosan, his entire life and works, represents the heroic struggles and sacrifices of the Filipino community as a colonized and an emergent national agency in world history." -E San Juan Jr., 1999. We can obviously see his works were all about the struggles he and many Filipinos had experienced in America. His health condition has made him determined to writye great works. Despite of his illness, he still managed to write his experiences and other Filipinos abroad.

Nick Joaquin
Nick Joaquin is a poet, fictionist, essayist, biographer, playwright, and National Artist. For me, Nick was a great writer of his times. He contributed a lot to the development of Philippine Literature. "Joaquin has proven the truism, that to understand the present, you have to first know the past. And by presenting the present as a continuation of the future, he has traced the roots of our rotting society to our moral confusion." said by Alejandro Roces. He published lots of written works condsidered now as Literature. He also received many awards and prizes. He is a gifted Filipino with high imagination and who really knows how to write his works in English.

( PinoyLit, A Philippine Literature Page
(Source: Carlos Bulosan Memorial Exhibit

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